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Personal Care & Food Grade Balls

At Precision Ball, we offer stainless steel ball bearings that provide the durability and flexibility required for food-grade requirements in the agricultural and food processing industry.  We offer many bearings that span across usage for different parts of the industry and different types of industries.   Ball bearings can support moderate radial loads and moderate axial loads. They can operate at high speeds. Ball bearings with shields or seals for protection can be lubricated to last for the operating life. 

Due to the nature of the agriculture industry, it’s not surprising that balls will come into contact with water, chemicals, and other substances. It is important to have a stainless steel ball that can withstand the demands of your manufacturing without failing and costing time and money for replacements.

Food Grade Bearings for Food Processing

We want to make sure your machine parts can withstand the extreme conditions and specific government requirements necessary for food production.  Here we know that your bearings are susceptible to high-pressure washdowns, high humidity and must adhere to FDA restrictions & regulations.  Food grade bearings and related products are used throughout the manufacturing, processing, and handling of edible products in addition to making end-products for commercial and consumer use. Our steel ball products have a high resistance to corrosion, are stable in high temperatures, highly resistant to chemicals, and more. 

Grain Processing 

When you shop our steel balls, they are built to withstand the heavy load of grains during processing.  If your operation includes pellet mills, hammer mills, roller mills, extruders or uses conveyors, we have everything you need to get your product safely and cost-efficiently to your customers.  When you rely on your agricultural equipment as a crucial component such as your fans, blowers, and conveyors they can be subject to vibration, contamination, and heavy, uneven bearing loads.  This equipment getting heavy use can cause issues that can take down subpar bearing components. With Precision Ball, you can trust in the quality of our ball bearings to handle heavy loads, resist contamination, and extend lubrication life.  

Chicken Industry 

A chicken plant or farm can become corrosive and harmful to materials from the chicken’s litter in itself. The material can become so toxic it can eat through almost anything and get into almost anything to cause corrosion.  For this reason, Precision balls recommend our steel ball-bearing that can withstand not only the litter but water, corrosion, and time.  In the end, the investment into a quality made steel ball-bearing can save your time and money with costly replacements. The food-safe ball bearing is also safe for the animals and your operation. 


If you manufacture or farm produce, you know when it’s time to pick your fruits and vegetables.  The last thing you want to have is your picking and sorting machinery to fail, causing you precious time. We know frequent washing down the equipment, debris along bearings and re-greasing can result in excess re-lubrication that

leads to premature bearing failures.  A few corroded ball bearings can be costly if you have to repair and let your produce wilt away.  Your conveyors must be kept in constant motion to avoid downtime and spoiled produce. We know at Precision Ball how important it is to get your whole crop, fresh,  to your customers.  With our ball bearings you can have the confidence to know your machinery has less of a chance of breaking down during a crucial window. 

Overall, if you are in the agricultural and food processing industry you will want to shop our steel ball bearings that can withstand the harsh environment that farming and processing bring.  A weather-resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-free, rust-free ball bearing from us can be your best choice. 

Do you still have questions or need a specific order or size? Contact us here at Precision Plastic & Steel Balls and someone will get back to you shortly to help find the right product for your use or industry.

fracking steel balls

What is Fracking?

It is all over the news. You have heard this interesting term a lot lately on tv, in conversation. But what is Fracking?  Fracking is a shorter term for hydraulic fracturing, the process of extracting natural gas below the surface of the earth by using a well drill, water and a mixture of chemicals. Buried deep underground lies organisms from long ago that emit a gas that we can now use for the oil and gas industry.  

Fracking Definition

Fracking can be done in any form of environment all over the world where there is natural gas.  Large drills are brought in to start by vertical drilling thousands of miles downward into the earth’s crust.  Once the drill hits the shale rock formation, it turns horizontally another possible thousand miles. After the well hole is in place, a specialized gun then pierces into the end of the horizontal well to create multiple small cracks in the shale rock layer .  

After approximately ninety days, the actual “fracking’ can take place.  A mixture of mostly water with some added chemical fluid is then pumped through the well through and into the previously made penetrations.  The pressure is so high it then cracks the earth around the well.   This fluid then collects natural gas and oil to bring it back to the surface. 

Benefits of Fracking

Fracking produces natural gas, which can be less toxic than burning coal fuels. Emitting only half the carbon dioxide than coal.   Coal produces three times as many carbon emissions as natural gas and is one of the most harmful fuels in the world. With fracking you gain a new supply of natural gas displacing the burning of coal, which each year can contribute to the early death or sickness of Americans.

By gaining additional natural gas, it drives down the price for the average consumer.  It also creates jobs and opportunities for businesses.  When fracking is done properly and safely it can benefit it’s communities.  The fracking operations are targeted and only last a few months.  The productivity of wells is steadily rising, getting more value during operations. Fracking can also bring energy investors into local economies, which can also result in them offering environmental work and generally increase the worth of their community.

Fracking Balls

Frac Balls are small spherical balls designed to seal the perforations which accept fluids, thereby diverting the reservoir fluids to the other portions of the target zones. They are also known as “Ball Sealers” in the oil and gas industry.  Frac Balls are small spherical balls made up of 7000 series grade aluminum alloys mainly 7075 and 7068 grade. 

Here at Precision Plastic & Steel Balls, we offer the very best quality of steel balls. Shop for your fracking equipment without worry. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us via email or call 814-670-1075 . We are happy to help you find the best product for your needs.